man-shaped beings and the ethnicities

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right people, let's start straightening things out (see also the Six-year plan)

Dinosaur man (evolving)

population: at least twice that of mammal man

seven, eight or nine ethnicities

mammal man

population: 7.5 000 000 000 (mixture of evolving and devolving)

four ethnicities

part one

each ethnicity has as its basis a couple who attained Transmutation (soul partners) in a previous Undulation

in the attaining of transmutation, each pair of Soul partners ingrained into their genetic structure the capacity to host fifty-thousand-million variations of the same gender

variations who will, over time, attain transmutation themselves

it is a precise, orderly progression

the progression was laid down by you-know-who in eternity past (see Noteworthy notes)

there are no shortcuts

a female or male cannot "jump" the queue and go from one ethnicity to another

such an outlook will, if put into practice, have the oppsosite effect

inter-ethnic procreation is a tetchy point

it will bolster the convictions of some and dismay others

mixing ethnicities is producing a serious problem for the future

bringing soul partners together is no easy task (the writer has only come across one instance of it, in england no less)

like everything else that love/life has done, it was done with a level of precision which has yet to be understood

finding the soul partner for individuals will, in the first instance, mean cross-referencing the genetic code of millions of people

a database that has terrabytes of information for each per person will be necessary

it will take millions and thousands of millions of years to achieve the level of precision already alluded to

dreams diary is the only way we have at the moment to get soul partners connected and that isn't ready to go yet

connecting soul partners via a dreams diary may well be the most precise way of joining couples

cross-referencing the genetic structure may be just a confirmation of what dreams are indicating

the way being propounded here is, like enzymes that speed up certain physiological processes millions of times faster than they would normally do, an attempt to get things moving as quickly as possible

the future is calling and it will not wait

either we do that which has to be done or get used to the idea of not having any more life this Undulation

we do it without taking anyone's life

your soul partner will, among other things, have certain similar physical characteristics

height, weight (possibly the weight of a full term pregnancy) and hair-colour being the most obvious

the mixing of ethnicities has, in recent history, come about as a result of, mainly, british and jewish financiers perpetrating the slave-trade and stealing africa's resources

if we had paid a fair and just price for african labour in the first place and were we to pay fair and just prices for africa's resources now, africa would have the best standard of living in the world

if we had, africans wouldn't want to live here

the solution...

start paying africa for what is theirs

it will mean a drop in income of about thirty per-cent

the benefits will be calm, moderate attitudes, progressive attitudes and lifestyles and a genuine sense of "oneness" returning to these shores

we rejoin europe and "get going"

part two

whose country is this, our's or the jews?

the writer's lineage goes back to the beginning of written records (700 a.d.) then, after more than one-thousand generations of honest grafting a snide, soulless clique manipulates power-seeking kings into handing over the wealth that was generated by decent, ordinary working people

the thought of being told what to do and how to live by murdering, lying jews is more than the writer can bear

part 3

more recently, the "mongrelising" of the ethnicities is a deliberate tactic, perpetrated by the jews (see Here how they perpetrated the greatest mass murder in the history of mankind trying to do it)

those of you who are knowledgeable in matters concerning the Greys will recognise the same mind-set

the jews can be considered as the original mongrels, an incomplete genetic line (no soul partners)

don't overlook; they chose it

part three

the "laws" introduced permitting homosexuality over the last sixty-years is a combination of the Oligarch's sanitising their perversions and a deliberate ploy, again by the oligarch's, to bring about a Degeneration of moral values into line with their own

death begets death

the sub-bestial act of Rimming is now considered a healthy and acceptable sexual practice

the legalising of bestial acts is on its way

we are now an even more degenerate society than sodom and gomorrah (technology moves on while morals regress)

the jew-ridden u.s.s.r was the first country to repeal Laws which criminalised homosexuality


the jews see ethiopian people as one of the Lost tribes of israel

don't get me wrong

i've met and talked to ethiopians recently arrived here in plymouth

they have a truly delightful nature

how such beautiful people have become aligned to murderous, conniving jews isn't known

israel hasn't got the space or resources to house millions of people of its lost tribes

it would need the entire middle-east to do that - another cranky conspiracy theory?


you probably don't, but the writer does, still feel the despair which men like my grandfather endured in world war 1 to secure middle-eastern oil for jewish and british financiers

try and find a newspaper that says world war 1, gulf wars one and two and the "arab spring" (libya's oil) were to gain control of oil

british papers not worth the paper they're printed on

britain is in the pocket of the jewish financiers and is induced through bribes into "taking in" ethiopians (there's only one thing the conservatives love more than their country, money)



Genetic lines

Ethically orienting