a year ago this website bought a "luxury" memory-foam mattress for £200


it was believed that a luxury mattress would give a better nights sleep, and why wouldn't it ?


when the shops and the t.v. and the internet is telling us that the

New Generation of Luxury Memory Mattresses

are a step forward in technology there must be some truth in it, and as is usually the case with new technology, it costs more


if something costs more it's because it's better, that's accepted


a house that costs a million looks better than a house that costs fifty-thousand... a car that costs a hundred thousand is better than a car that costs twenty-five thousand and so on


when the stinging sensation in the right hip got worse it was thought it was because of a new training routine that was started three weeks before (having done training in one form another for the last fifty years my experience's of niggles and injuries all responded to the same treatment... they got better by resting)


so it was confusing when, after four or five days of complete rest, the condition worsened


it was then thought that the inflammation was the result of falling over about two months before but why would both hips be hurting and why did it take months to come to the fore ?


i couldn't make sense of it


even after resting on my back for ten to twelve hours a day, as well as sleeping eight hours a day for a week, the condition worsened


a self-diagnosis with the help of the internet suggested cold-packs, that produced a bit of relief but the discomfort persisted, and, even more depressingly, the only other explanation was that hip problems are something that go hand-in-hand with old age


it was a few days later that i remembered a conversation i'd had with a neighbour a year before in which i told him about the new mattress i'd just bought and suggested he buy one as he was complaining that his mattress was uncomfortable


he said that he had tried a mattress like the one i had just bought and he got aches and pains from it


i then phoned a company that sold both memory foam mattresses and sprung ones and spoke to a salesman


he knew that the memory foam mattresses caused problems like i was experiencing and suggested a sprung mattress


the sprung mattress arrived two days later


the morning after the first sleep on the sprung mattress the stinging sensation vanished and now, three periods of periods of sleep later, the uncomfortableness in the hips has reduced to a mild numb feeling which is only noticeable if i press against it with my finger


at this rate, it will have completely vanished in a few more days


will update this entry as changes occur (10122018)


(18122018) the numbness is receeding



the new mattress bought to replace the "luxury" memory-foam mattress had, i found out a week later, a 3.5 cm (1.5 inches) memory-foam top which aggrevated the sore part of the hip


placing a non-foam material, currently using a double cotton sheet folded enough times to reduce it into a square of about one and a half metres (twelve inches), between the hip and the mattress has stopped the aggrevation




four days ago all physical sennsations of discomfort in the hip had gone


to double-check it was the chemicals in the mattress which caused the problem the writer slept on some memory-foam for a night


sure enough, the stinging sensation returned


lesson learnt


looking forward to resuming exercises in the new year


what causes the problem, and this is my opinion, is that the heat of the body reacts with the chemicals in the foam which in turn causes the chemicals in the mattress to be released


the hip area was affected because the hip is where the pressure/weight of the body is greatest and the body absorbed the chemicals from the foam


the Chemicals Used to Convert Oil to Foam is a whole field of study on its own


at a rough calculation the unit cost of each mattress coming off the mass production line is around £10


even when distribution costs are factored in it doesn't amount to more than £40


that's a whopping 300% profit


here's what's going on...


foam is a product of oil


oil is far and away the most lucrative commodity in the world


anything which increases the demand for oil gets advertising money to sell oil-based products


the sheer volume of money given to companies for advertising oil-based products is staggering (the bigger the lie the more...)


memory foam "luxury" mattresses are



it's likely that the manufacturer's and retailers know about the physical problems these type of mattresses cause but, like most people in business, profits come first (what has to be taken into account is that one of the mechanisms used to control the population is to instil in people the fear of losing their job. in both britain and america, the thought of becoming unemployed fills people with dread. consequently, employees will say, or omit saying, whatever their bosses tell them to say)


that the mattresses cause pain and discomfort is not a consideration for bankers and big business


all their concerned about is profits


this country is built and functions on a minimum profit margin for the Five Main Banks


the single biggest source of money is generated from oil


the three biggest conflicts in recent years, in which Britain, france and America have been involved in, libya and gulf wars 1 and 2, were for the control and ownership of oil


wecome to the wonderful world of finance and politics