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millimedia: other political manoeuvres




outside forces (jewish and british bankers) want more of the profits from oil sales


zimbabwe 24012019


Zimbabwe's natural resources


the british and jewish bankers' want zimbabwe's resources back under their control


the Bankers' Lost Control in 1987


the current unrest is due to british and jewish financiers denying access to funds to develop the infrastructure for proper trading platform


letting the current government keep the profits from fair trading practices don't give the british and jewish bankers enough of the money... they want it all !




nothern ireland


an explosion in northern ireland 19012019


Five men arrested and released without being charged


initially, it was bandied about that it was the new ira


until people are charged, taken to court, found guilty, given prison sentences and are pronounced by catholic ministers as belonging to the catholic population, assume it is the british oligarch's doing what comes naturally to devolving beings... reducing the quantity and quality of life