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This is the sort of thing you end up doing when you put yourself before others (see Love)

more than six thousand years ago the jews were a nomadic people wandering in the area we call the middle-east

during their wanderings, they came across Sumeria

sumeria was the result of yours truly "popping up" in the area of sumer six-thousand years ago (see Sumeria)

for the first time, they were exposed to... the sail, an axle, the potters' wheel, the notion of god and resurrection, mathematics, algebra, geometry, irrigation, cuneiform writing...

it didn't take long to uncover the when, where and why interest on loans first began

it is agreed that loans were a common way of financing trade six-thousand years ago but no one asked: "why, in an Egalitarian society, were there those who sought to profit from the labour of other people ?"

the jews were still using Profit-Taking as a means to enrich themselves four-thousand years later in 30 a.d. and, yes, they're still "at it" today... This is typical of the effect on world trade as a result of the Federal Reserve Manipulating Interest Rates

who owns the Federal Reserve ? (the definitive explanation)

the "Jewish" Conspiracy