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twin screens for laptops


enable the computer to see the page under the top screen


voice command graphics...

say "place an

equilateral triangle in the top left-hand quarter of the screen..."

" a circle on the screen so that an equal amount of the circle is in each square of the screen?...

place diamond, triangle, round shapes, symbols, logos, permanent text etc. onto the screen which does the screen capturing...

why stop at three-screen "overlays?"...

square screens?...

mathematical voice command

"seventeen bright blue triangles that decrease by one degree of hue for each new triangle"...


there are hundreds of  mathematical words, terms, functions... which will, in two sentences, set in motion a graphic which can have a hundred-year "wallpaper" which doesn't show the same picture or page twice

all this website asks is that before the laptop becomes commercially available, it is programmed with an "app" that is sorely needed by this operator

name of the app ?

hint, it's used in formula 1 racing