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a non-stop barrage of important bits of news get thrust at us daily which makes it impossible to "zero-in" on one news item or the other

a news story of magnitude is headline news for a day or two and then disappears off the radar (a deliberate tactic)

this website is going to try something novel and keep track of just two or three news stories


no new internet entries on this story since the 26062019


news item 1

carl beech

one of the accused Flees to Spain after the news first broke

if you didn't have anything to fear from an investigation would you feel the need to leave the country ?

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the man who reported ritualised child-murder by prominent members of society is accused of being an abuser of children himself

the thing that sticks out is the way the policeman leading the investigation says at the start of the investigation... "carl beech (a.k.a. nick) has been spoken to by experienced officers from the child abuse team and the murder investigation team and they, and i, believe what nick is saying is credible and true" 

so now the police launch a full investigation in 2014/15 but two years later it all falls down

whatever the police are they are not mugs

experienced murder investigators and child abuse officers will want to be a hundred per cent sure that what they are being told is true

they're about to go after people who are among the most eminent people in the land

there can be no room for error

the simple truth of the matter is the investigation was stopped because it led the police into the departments of the m.i.5. and m.i.6.

(military intelligence 5 and 6)

now we are firmly into Oligarch "territory"

at this point the secret services have a "back-up" manoeuvre called a


a d-notice is an "official" request for newspapers not to publish certain details of a story for reasons of national security

(national security,  the Cry Of The Oppressor)

one of the distinguishing traits of a Devolving Being...

the trial

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no new internet entries on this story since the 28062019


news item 2

listeria outbreak

the company that supplied the sandwiches has gone into liquidation

there will be no charge of "manslaughter due to negligence"

again, we're  back to the Old Testament Rationale... if you didn't intend to kill someone and killed them because you didn't do something you should/could have done it is not a crime

the problem is, the entire structure of those who apply the law is made up of people who are in the position of becoming a murderer tomorrow

Eternity's Law

(see The Eternity clock)

also see Ethical Parameters


a week later this website couldn't find any new "follow up" news items on the listeria story

if we don't hear any more about it we can assume it's because an investigation would reveal "management failure"

in this case, it is due to a "profits first, hygiene second" outlook


did you know there are a more than a Million Cases of food poisoning each year ?

to be fair, we will assume that half of the causes are due to poor hygiene practises by the consumer

the other half is down to companies having a "profits first" mentality


now a different Bacteria is Killing People

these "outbreaks" don't just happen

they are the result of sloppy management which has its eye on profits and don't give due concern to hygiene

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five die as a result of infected food

Mortality Rate of Listeria

the company which started this outbreak had an outbreak of it in 2010 as well

we, the people, want to know... wer the people in charge at the time of the "outbreak" the same people who were in charge in 2010 ?

if so, who gave them permission to continue in their jobs ?

the "company" was an oligarch operation (you won't believe half of what they're up to)

the people who ran the show were mates of the Oligarch's

the people who ran the company and those who gave them the means to set the company up are either oligarchs or affiliates of the oligarch's

will they escape justice, again ?