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attack on oil production in saudi arabia

as this website see's it... british and jewish financiers stand to gain most from an increase in the price of oil

there will be those amongst you who know better than the writer which of the financial institutions have the biggest investments in oil cartels

discover which of the investment institutions bought heavily into oil for the six months prior to the attack

make no mistake, if a war is what it takes to keep the financier's in the lifestyle they're used to then war is what they will push for

just about every conflict is connected to money: follow the money

also, iran stands in the way of israeli Imperialism

see below


probably the simplest way of keeping track of world events is to concentrate on the three cliques causing most of the problems


the thoughts and feelings which form this perspective are based on one event:

world war one

the reason world war one stands out as being the most significant event in the written history of mankind is because, after 6000 years, it took away ordinary men's greatest treasure... the existence of god, consequently, the concept of pure love vanished with him

the suffering of foot soldiers in world war one was so intense men couldn't marry the idea of a loving god with their experience of life 

as a ten or eleven-year-old, i still remember the limping pensioner who lived on the ground floor of a block of flats situated on a few acres of grassed land fifty metres from where i lived and where youngsters like myself would gravitate to when the light of day had gone, said, with the bitter-firm conviction still in his voice forty years after the event, "if god existed he wouldn't have let it happen"

in the 1960's the writer had become convinced that god didn't exist and he can still clearly remember the day he had the thought "the problem is people believe in god"

in the late 1980s, the reality of god entered the writer's conscious with an all-pervasive subtlety

shortly after, the basis of my enquiry became "why did world war one happen?"

it took a few years to get the answer; in one word, oil


we need to think about world events in terms of "before and after" 1947

before 1947 events can be understood in a relatively simple way...the amassing of wealth by jewish and british financiers in europe and america and the advancing of imperialism via militaristic means by the british and russian's)

after 1947 a much more complex conspiratorial deception was initiated

what happened in 1947?

"during the years following world war two, the government of the united states was confronted with a series of events which were to change its future and with it the future of humanity

the events were so incredible they defied belief

we can only imagine the confusion when the united states government discovered that an alien spacecraft, piloted by insect-like beings from a totally incomprehensible culture, had crashed in the desert of new mexico" (extract from Link 1)

what the military didn't know at the time, and some of them still don't know it today, was they had come into contact with Devolving beings of the dinosaur class of beings

so now the ingredients for the "perfect cocktail" of decay are being mixed

devolving beings of the dinosaur class of beings are in cahoots with devolving beings of the mammal class of beings (the time-line all of the relevant facts in Link 1and that pretty well brings us up to speed


we are now on the threshold of another, even more, significant event

evolving beings of the mammal class of beings, led by the germans, are positioning us to "team-up" with evolving beings of the dinosaur class of beings

in total contrast to the devolving beings of the dinosaur and mammal class, who see enslavement and the culling of people as a logical way of achieving their goals, evolving beings can take us to the next phase of evolution without the loss of a single life

it is for evolving beings reading this to recognise the evolutionary method being employed by evolving beings and think of original ways of supporting them

in brief, we have to concentrate on british and jewish financiers and american, british and russian militarist's



jewish and british financial institutions dominate the banking structure and both of them use their wealth to advance their Imperialistic goals

a significant proportion of their wealth is generated through the arms trade (death begets death)

this interpretation explains three news items which are getting media attention

iran, gibraltar and hong kong

iran has oil and they stand in the way of jewish imperialism extending throughout the middle east

gibralta and hong kong are two of the last outposts of the british empire


the ancestor's of the people above and the arms manufacturer's  are the perpetrators of world war one and the past is their future



Maj 12

these are the people who are most active in preventing us from joining up with our Man-Shaped Dinosaur cousins 

dinosar man is ready to change our lives for the better beyond anything you can imagine 



british and russian Oligarch's were already tied-in with jewish and british financiers in america before 1947 (when push comes to shove they show their allegiance to one another; e.g. world war one and world war two)

the book The Secrets of the Federal Reserve is the most scholarly expose of the collaboration between british and jewish financiers

after 1947 the russians and the british became entwined with the americans in matters of technology as well by sharing the new technology they got from the devolving beings of the dinosaur class of beings

again, see Link 1