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noteworthy notes

the scope of what love/life has accomplished is staggering

love/life "figured out", through the experience of time, that a discontinuous qualitative experience of life is better than a continuous, indifferent one

the implications are enormous

the amount of time love/life experience's discontinuity is put at nineteen-thousand million years (19^9)  (19 000, 000 000)

from the big bang to now = 14^9 years

from now until the sun expands and the lover emerges as the last man-shaped being to vacate the earth = 5^9, 

that's nineteen-thousand million years (19^9)

love/life can't make it happen any quicker than that

it appears to be a fixed minimum time love/life must "act out" discontinuity

there will then be approximately one raised to one-thousand, (1^1000), years of straight-line-action

two things

1, the period of discontinuity remains fixed but endlessness is an increasing circumstance

2, we're approximately three-quarters of the way to achieving our goal

look at how fast the time between the big bang and now has gone by

fourteen-thousand million years, poof! done, gone, just like that

let's not forget what it is love/life is doing

life, through love, has created the circumstance in which any and every motion can be experienced in a qualitative way


the more you do it the more you want to do it

have you ever had a dream like that?

the experiences in the dream were as good or better as an awake-time memory and you wanted them to go on

love/life has achieved that

heaven is an awake-dream

it is best enacted through love