12th september 2009

you applied yourself to the task for what seemed like eternity

you and a person of the opposite gender have ingrained into your being the trait of being able to love each other for a love length

the ability to love for a love length has produced the basic physical shape that can last forever

you knew what was coming but nothing prepared you, nothing could prepare you, for the actual reality of being part of the infinite and you know it is something you will never be able to fully adjust to

you have just crossed the threshold between mortality and immortality and there is no turning back, ever

you have begun to experience the stupefying wonder that is...

qualitatively felt, reciprocating motions in flattened, pan dimensional, infinite space

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1st november 2009

this picture shows two beings in euclidean mathematical form

it also shows a sun in its red giant stage

possible interpretations...

the ethically oriented begin the transmigration to heaven not sooner than 5000 000 000 years from now when our sun is in its red giant stage

or that it is the last of red giant suns that will ever exist

( about 2 ^12 years from now )

and, if it marks the beginning of transmigration, that almost certainly means transmigration continues for a love-length ( 1 ^100 years )

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