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politics: the three party interpretation

the 2ND and 3RD party

a coalition of the three most influential Oligarchies, russia, israel and britain (see also the american Influence), who are the very definition of the elaborate deceit (world war 1, world war 2, gulf war one, the twin towers, and currently, the muslims v's the world conflict)

the twin towers atrocity was specifically engineered to villainize muslims and maintain divisions between us (divide and conquer)

below is its origin

i.s.i.l is an ongoing strategy which began 1999


a flier handed out in germany in november 1999 contained the sentence "...instead of orienting yourselves to the exquisite ethical nature of love/life, i inform you of the perditious state..." sends a shockwave through the oligarch structure

because of their liberal use of Murder, the oligarch's know they have nothing to lose and initiate the muslim "card"


the twin towers atrocity in 2001, which took eighteen months to set up, was their opening gambit


the ongoing campaign of fake muslims running riot in the middle east was orchestrated, implemented and is being paid for by the oligarch's


have no illusions the second and third party will have us at each others throats into infinity

("the Great game" mindset)

the russian oligarch's are the leading strategist in the formulating of stratagems

controlling world-affairs means using all of the Three forms of murder

there has to be organized ploys and stratagems (assassinations, wars, etc.) to steer events

the motivation of Devolving beings is nothing other than to control people

(a person's desire to control the destiny of others begins when they have lost control of their own)

the 2nd party differs from the 3rd party in that it doesn't use, because it hasn't got, the large amounts of money needed to control the financial markets

it is unable to redeem itself