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a Mathematical position doesn't need width or height or depth


the principle of the least something


it makes the most sense to think that nothing is more likely to give rise to a minimum something rather than a maximum something


postulate 1


the least thing that can be is position


question 1


"what is position ?"


answer 1


a description that answers the question "where is it ?"


e.g. the halfway position between the earth and the moon is one hundred and twenty-five thousand miles


question 2


"what is where ?"


answer 2


"where is a

Mathematical entity"




"what is a mathematical entity ?"




"in this instance, it is a way of placing an intangible something in a void"




position 1


we'll associate the word position with a cross +


the where, a non-dimensional position which hasn't got size, is at the centre of the cross and we'll call it position 1


postulate 2


the first thing that could be was a non-dimensional Abstract mathematical form


this reduces the complexity of it's structure and bolsters the principle of the least something


now... in an endless void position 1 doesn't need concrete form but because endlessness can't be assigned with position, position 1 needs to be relative...