the phenomenon of being more than once


people accept that recurrence does occur but not having any memory of it is frustrating

the writer shares your sentiments

he hasn't any memories of his either


the reason that a person doesn't retain memories of previous occurrences is because they belong to the conscious of the past

those experiences of the past that caused us to change physically were obviously profoundly important to our survival but we don't remember those either

once we've incorporated those traits of personality or outlook, and the accompanying physical endowments we need to carry us forward, they become part of our genetic structure and we don't need to remember what it was that caused us to change in the first place since those changes have become part of us and the reasons for change are continually being demonstrated through what we do and the way we do it

however not having continuity of memory has been a point of concern that goes way back

so the way the lover has arranged things in the absence of memories is to have intuitive insights of knowledge that are relevent to everybody or just the person

an example could be a way of communicating through writing using symbols that are of a particular size and colour and shape that future research or practises will demonstrate have an affinity with hand, eye and brain coordination

a person might think of it while writing a letter or at any time and might not give it much thought at the time but it will be an original idea that will, if developed, make life easier for everyone to a greater or lesser extent

we all have these unique thoughts at sometime in our lives

sometimes we mention them or write them down but more often than not they are forgotten

you know how it is if you haven't got a degree... a person can't possibly think of anything that is of any use


anyone can be sure that if they're keeping abreast of the writer as per ethical parameters and are enjoying life and are healthy and happy with life in general then they know that their occurrence at this point of time next undulation will contain more happiness and probaly a slight imcrease in longevity but never any less

and if someone wants to prove they are moving forward in evolution then make a note of your original thoughts that have implications or application that extends to other people and keep them in your "personal documents" and in a future time they will be cross referenced with other "personal documents" and cross referenced with dna mapping and other advaned technologies

this will provide a verification of continuity of being that is beyond coincidence

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