time for time


time for time is based on  the ridiculous idea that no one person is more important or more valuable than any other person

how it works...

a person's skills or services are given to another person for their skills and services on a strict minute for minute, hour for hour basis

EXAMPLE 1 (with costs)

person A needs their living room painted

person B has been feeling more tired than usual lately and wants to relax completely all day on sunday for the next  month and would benefit from someone cooking sunday lunch

it takes 8 hours to paint the living room

it takes 2 hours to cook lunch

4 sundays of complete rest and relaxation for the painter and a rejuvenated living room for the person who does the cooking


the paint costs £100

the food for 4 weeks costs £60

person A pays the difference

EXAMPLE 2 (without costs)

person A is going to be busy for the next 4 saturdays and needs someone do the shopping

person B wants someone to move everything from the attic to the garden shed

it takes 12 hours to do the shopping

it takes 6 hours to move everything from the attic to the garden shed

person A owes person B six hours

person A can receive 6 hours of person B's skills and services


person B gives all or part of the time owed by person A to person C who has services that person B wants but person A doesn't have 

index of services

this is what the writer's web page looks like and what yours will look like


currently the world wage hourly rate is £5

(where there is only one

wager-earner in a family of four the rate is multiplied by the members of the family dependant on the wage-earner)

travelling time/costs

a person who is physically incapable of performing tasks that another person requires but needs services

pips & poops

pips are going to be asked to "donate" one 1/100th of their credit time to those who require services but cannot supply services... o.a.p.'s, disabled...