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an Url is a unique location on the web and in which a person or persons can share ideas, facts, fiction, art, ideas etc. in written or any communicable form

there should be more than just a few of you who are seriously thinking about the idea of re-existing

Heaven is no longer a whimsical comment which parents use to pacify children

the idea of Recurrence is very much alive and growing

the idea of recurrence is taking hold in america

the hollywood film company warner bros used the idea in the film jupiter ascending in 2015

the changes over the next thousand years are going to be a lot more radical than they were between 1000 a.d and 2000 a.d.

we are now in the position to leave not just our worldly goods to our children but also our thoughts and feelings

our lifespan's should be at least one hundred and fifty years by 3000 a.d. and, unless i've missed the mark, most of that time will be spent socialising

think the future, be the future


permission to copy this website in its entirety and modify, personalise in any way a person wants to is automatic (keep a copy of the original though so that i can continue where i leave off)

the more advanced societies and computer manufacturers should be  incorporating a website into every computer fairly shortly or at least ensuring that, like a health service, the cost is factored into the running costs of a nation, enabling its citizens a lifetime website as part of their rights

trans-generation websites for daughters and sons for the forty generations between now and 3000 a.d.

it's just a matter of time before it's voice-command, hand-held, 24/7 live streaming and holographic screens for everybody

to start your first website...

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