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isis suspected of being behind the killing of five on westminster bridge


not a lot of people know this but isis sprung up from a cabbage patch about four years ago


when are you lot going to muster the courage to say



someone came up with the idea of bringing them into existence


someone has to pay them


someone has to arm them


someone has to organise them


someone does the military and planning


someone comes up with new forms of terrorist attacks


so who are the someone's?


British and jewish financiers


British and russian oligarch's




wise up and speak up or go back to sleep until this time the next time around



up until the 28022017 it was thought that the war the trans-national Oligarchs are planning would be a conventional war between humans


it came as something of a shock to find out that the war being planned was not conventional nor was it just between humans


the writer continually underestimates the insidious nature of the mind of Devolving beings


we, as Evolved and Evolving beings, have to "get up to speed" as to what the oligarchs are planning


to be forewarned is to be forearmed


watch these three videos in the order they are numbered