2015 and the epochs


it's a bloody crime is what it is

you're being lied to, manipulated, being stolen from, disregarded,

seen as pleb's at best and chattel or coinage at worst

to the oligarchs you are completely expendable

the oligarchs were prepared sacrifice an entire generation of you

in world war 1 to keep their grip on control of world affairs


within these shores there are more "i ain't scared of nothing" and

"i ain't scared of anybody" people than in any other country i've

been in

yet when it comes asserting your will for more life for your

children and yourselves you don't even say anything

it just isn't making sense

what's going on?



the significance of 2015 is that after that date it is closer to

generation 2030 than it is to generaton 2000

the next-life mechanism of undulationary squaring is turning into

inter-undulationary squaring

the genetic themes for evolving and devolving beings is not as

sharp as it was

the distinction between the two diametrically opposed types of

beings is becoming blurred

am trying to relate the importance of implementing genetic theory

before the end of 2015 as impassionedly as possible 

it is hoped you pick up on just how profound it is


there is a difference between date of birth and


the time difference is an increasing value that appears to have the

character of a differential equation

it appears to be accruing at a rate of 10 years every epoch

which in turn means it will have "maxed out" by the year 10 000

or, there will be an ethical disparity which yourselves will have to

strive to equal






1 a.d.     

6000 years ago it was the sumer civilization    

8000 years ago...

16 000 years ago...

32 000 years ago european man understood the mechanism of


64 000 years ago european man grasped there is life-after-death

125 000 years ago the european ethnicity began

250 000 years ago india man became a new ethnicity

500 000 years ago asia man arose

1 000 000 ago africa man is the first man shaped being of the

mammal class