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the way love/lfe maintains continuity of existence for ethically orienting and ethically oriented people

theme 7

undulationary squaring

this theme applies to a couple who have one child or more than one child ( ideally it will be three children ) who are happy and healthy and are living within ethical parameters

( that point will be said again ...ARE LIVING WITHIN ETHICAL PARAMETERS )


a couple meet in the year 2000

our couple live in love for, say 50 years

the experience of those 50 years becomes ingrained into their beings

due to exact nature of the conjugate positioning that accompanies undulations the same thing will happen again in the next undulation (there will be an increase of feelings of love and possibly an increase in the amount of time they spend together)

precisely the same things happen (right down to the blink of an eye) for the next 50 undulations

let us say that in this example this couple are in their fiftieth conjoinment

their relationship has arrived at the point where they would, if longevistic trends allowed, continue to be with each other indefintely

love/life now vaults them into that point in the future when longevity is, on average, 2500 years and they "find" each other again

this couple may or may not be soul partners (love in its truest form embraces all people)

it is the ability to love that is being brought into reality

it is worth considering that the relationship between a woman and a man that produces soul partners comes about as a result of both the woman and the man finding themselves able to love anyone of a different gender (not in the sexual sense)

when all life-oriented beings are at the gathering place with no death-oriented beings in their midst this seemingly impossibly-idealistic outlook will become natural

if the longevistic trend carries on as it is doing now then the couple in this example will recur in the year 7000 a.d. or so and enjoy a love relationship of 6400 years

this relationship, or a new one, will then happen 6400 times and then the couple in this example will move forward to a point further on in time (6400 x 6400 = 40 000 000 a.d.)

this theme is the same as inter-undulationary squaring except that it happens within one undulation instead of many undulations

couple's who are anywhere between 1 and 49 conjoinments are in or of the inter-undulationary squaring and have to achieve the 50th conjoinment before entering undulationary squaring (even with this theme though there are variations that present a more-life interpretation for individuals for this undulation)

also, bear in mind that, subjectively, it is but one beat of the heart between one life and the next regardless of time

finally, this means that on average there is one couple out of every fifty couples in the world today who will find themselves conscious at the gathering place one beat of the heart after dying

this entry is to give the reader a feel for the way recurrence happens

the exact way it happens will become known as we settle into the new habitation