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hope springs eternal in the... 

 ...ethically orienting


as an ethically orienting being you can see those who have a greater orientation to life than yours and you will also be aware that there are those who are less oriented than yourself

there are three couples, a female and a male from each of the ethnicities, beings of the mammal class who are destined for heaven this undulation 

another couple are close to achieving fulfilment this undulation and within a calculable number of undulations there will be four distinct ethnicities

( the rate at which new ethnicities come into being will become clear when we are communicating with our man shaped dinosaur cousins )

all four couples were at this point time of earthly evolution last undulation fully abreast of the writer ethically


you are urged to take stock of your life

can you live happily and healthily and remain clean and kept without having to live beyond the world wage ?

are you free of thoughts, emotions and actions to adults and children that contain pain ?

have you stopped using the car and only keep it handy for moving large objects ?

have you shrugged off the shackles of the group/cult/clique mentality ?

 the time must come when you are


the question that ethically orienting people will be asking is when will i exist again

one thing is absolutely certain...

the greater a persons ethical orientation is to love/life the sooner it is that recurrence happens

be it in 5000 years in the year 7000 a.d. or only a day later and longer next undulation 

( the earliest and the latest it is for the ethically orienting )

bear in mind that, subjectively, whether it is a few millennia or an undulation, the time between the loss of consciousness this lifetime until consciousness occurs again is no more than a heartbeat for everyone


the only person a person is in competition with is...

the only challenge a person has is with...

the only real enemy a person has is...



recognising that it is an ethical outlook and behaving in accordance with that outlook is the main factor in determining the when and the where of a persons recurrence

hope to see you soon

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