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the natural stationary state for substance




 natural                                                     simple                                                                          motion

                                      6 . 62000000000000000000000000000                     planck's constant  the least thing that can happen



                                                  3000000000000000000                                    einstein's constant :  the fastest it can happen at



                                                              m 1 + m 2 / r 2                                                      newton's gravity :  the slowest it can happen at











" a substance without limit or boundary... surrounds everything boundlessly... and from which heaven and earth are somehow generated" anaximander* 610-545 b.c

as for the universe apeiron is assigned with an emissive - absorptive mechanism

its arithmetic - mathematical characteristics being that of an infinitely fast to an infinitely slow rate of emissions and absorptions

planck's constant being the demarcation point between infinitely fast and infinitely slow emissions and absorptions

there are at least four possible ways of looking at this


it is the consequence of eternity that it gives rise to substance/space in a geometric way not because it's pleasing to look at but because that is the only way which can contain...


all of substance is tightly curled into a ball and space could never take on an unending linear form


both of the above concepts can be incorporated into one another


something else completely

science is 99% sure that we live in a flat space universe

the question is whether flat space is the only configuration of space that reality can furnish

*one of the giants of original thought

among other things he was the first to recognise that evolution is occurring

seeing that babies were helpless at birth he realized that it couldn't always have been that way

darwin, through his elitist education, came across his insight and began to develop it






















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