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for stars or suns...

it varies

our sun



1 000 000 - 10 000 000 000 0000 ( ten trillion )years

our sun burns for about 10 000 000 000 years

( another 5000 000 000 years to go )



for a typical star or sun like ours to happen... first there has to be a hydrogen gas cloud about 20 million light years big, then the force of gravity will start pulling it into a central point

when the gravitational forces have pulled the hydrogen cloud into a certain smaller size the pulling pressure or condensing characteristic of the force of gravity forces the hydrogen atoms to fuse with one another

when the fusing of the hydrogen atoms became a runaway event the helium flash occurred and the fusing of atoms continues for 10 000 000 000 years





our sun


black hole cycle times


an artists impression



for black holes it varies...

the largest time-cycle that the writer found for a black hole was for 1 ^98 years

although it is believed this number will rise to 1 ^100 years

before a black hole was a black hole it was a sun




an artists impression



all these ideas you hear about black holes being gateways to other universes ( this is the one and only ) or as a means of going from one part of this universe to another in the blink of an eye are deliberately put about to confuse you ( anyway the deceivers can keep you from understanding the truth makes it easier to control you

it's surprising how many so called " intelligent " people actually think it's possible to pass through a black hole

the simple truth...

black holes are balls of matter millions of times more solid than a ball bearing

nothing is going through them

as to the characteristics of space at the centre...

the word hole in the term back hole is what's causing the confusion

it suggested that the term be black ball




a stream of particles a few trillion miles long being ejected from the centre of a galaxy by a black hole

M87 active galactic nucleus