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two things that appear unrelated but are in fact inseparable


love and life

                                                                                        position and motion

                                                                                           wave and particle

                                                time and space

position and motion

it was while quantum theory was being formulated (1900 - 1925/6) that it was realized that position and motion are inter-connected

when a quon is measured the very act of bringing it into a controlled environment

(an experiment)

means that its motion has been changed because it has been brought into a controlled environment

an everyday example of this would be to tell a lively child to do whatever they wanted to do provided they done it where you could see her or him

so it is possible to see where the quon is but at the same time the motion of the quon is not the motion it would be if it wasn't in an experimental environment

likewise your child is where you can see them but their activities are not what they would be if they had a free rein to do whatever they wanted

then when the quon is not being measured or observed no one has got a clue where it is but it is known exactly what it is doing... moving as a wave that has definite wave characteristics

and similarly with your child

you don't know where they are but you have a definite idea of what they are doing in the big wide world...

those things you done as a child



love and life

the characteristic of love, from which more life flows, originated with compelling love and sacrificially creative love

the trait to love exists, in varying degrees, in all beings

however; when an act of murder is committed the conjugate of love/life changes to life/death and the desire and ability to love begins a diminishing cycle

the contrast between the life that comes from the product of love/life, as in the example of a baby, and the life that comes from the product of the conjugate of life/death, as in the example of an ant, is obvious, bloody obvious

one baby borne of  love/life has the potential to attain heaven where the quantity of life is millions of times greater than the quantity of life of a million ants

any baby born today is, theoretically, able to live their entire life without having to kill another being to sustain itself and continue its genetic line

that possibility doesn't exist for ants

the acquisition of a greater amount of love comes from practicing putting others before oneself

equally not practicing love will lead a being away from the potential of increasing amounts of quantity and quality of life

there are many trillions of degrees between the maximum conjugate of love/life and the point where it crosses over into the conjugate of life/death

the surrounding circumstances in which love/life finds itself modifies its conjugate position

if it finds itself in an environment where unnatural death is prevalent it will assume the sum average position of those circumstances without crossing over into death outcome actions

the conjugate attributes of love/life are acquired as opposed to the conjugate attributes of position and motion, wave and particle and time and space which are assigned


wave and particle

there are those in the scientific community who still can't come to terms with the twin characteristics of this aspect of reality

again, depending on the conditions, a child is happy in one set of circumstances and unhappy in others

waves become particles in a particular environment and particles move as waves when certain circumstances prevail

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