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12th june 2010

it seems to the writer that he's flogging a dead horse

because no one is doing what is being asked


doing what you think is the right thing to do is leading to the following traits becoming part of your being...

a belief that you know better than the lover

(the start of the ultimate anti-authoritarian attitude)

becoming practised in the ways of deceit

a liar by omitting of the truth

acquiring a feel for the group/cult/clique mentality

seeing eye to eye with the decision to send soldiers off to kill and be killed

justifying allowing infants and birthing mothers to suffer

in other words... any price is worth paying rather than acknowledging that god exists

and if you're harbouring feelings of resentment then divest yourself of such feelings immediately

those feelings lead to homicidal tendencies

it is these, and other considerations, that has stopped the writer from being himself

that has prevented the writer from "spreading it about" and that he will not be interacting further with generation 2000 without a specific instruction from the lover

and on that point...

the writer foolishly believed that it was just a matter of time before a woman whose feel for babies would compel  her to come forward and say the magic words... "how can i help"

the last of the pages that were handed out (2005) was the final attempt to get women to demonstrate that they had a love that the writer could respond to

it just wasn't there

the writer has resigned himself to the understanding that he is destined never to have a love relationship at this point of time of any future undulation

women who talk of their love of children but didn't act when the opportunity was there

that men would let the infants suffer was a telling aspect to their character

that women would let that happen made the writer re-evaluate women completely

it's difficult to express the feelings that accompany the realization that it is a world where men don't have the intelligence to do what the wiriter asks

(he knows the answer to the greatest mystery of all, he can't possibly know anything else worth knowing)

and a world of women without love

and if that wasn't bad enough...

the one person in your history you should have bent over backwards to take care of was allowed to become disabled

what you do to the writer is a mere hint of what you would do or allowed to be done to the lover

when help was needed you made sure the writer didn't get it

you all kept your distance when the writer needed you

the writer is going to make sure that the distance you put between us remains in place

the form of insanity that brings these circumstances into reality has got to be dealt with and sooner rather than later

with the right approach it can be reduced to dismissable levels within 1500 years

in **** years the writer joins up with his counterpart in the dinosaur class and his isolation will be over