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8th january 2009


unnamed...  i fear god

self...  you don't fear god you fear not knowing his love


* * *


unnamed...  in the bible it says that in my father's house there are many rooms

self ...  that 's right and there's only one infinite one


* * *


unnamed... was when the devil was cast out of heaven

self...  heaven isn't somewhere you can be cast out of

the problem was the lover couldn't get the devil to heaven in the first place 




unnamed... how come you know so much?

self... i don't more than you. i just know different things


unnamed... what revelations have you had recently ?

self...  i don't get revelations from god

understandings about reality and god himself i have to deduce for myself

he just tells me what to do and what not to do


self... i always bet to lose

unnamed... what do you mean?

self... well, if your child is in a competition bet on her to lose.

if she wins the amount you lost is offset by your feelings of her winning.

if she loses you can treat you and her to a night out and take some of the dissapointment out of the result.


11th november 2009

self...   when do i die

the lover...   now

(it took the writer 5 -10 seconds to realize what it meant)

9th february 2010

20th april 2010

self... so what happens in heaven ?

unnamed... we sit in contentment and love with jesus and god

self... heaven isn't a static state. it's a dynamic state of becoming