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the final step of devolution








there are at least five states a being can occupy

the least in terms of quantity and quality is that as a devolved being

a devolved being goes from being a mono or multi celled entity to an inert life form in the shortest possible time in which that change can happen

the inherent ethical bias that devolved beings had took trillions of undulations to lose completely and cannot be reacquired

for those who are losing their ethical bias... between now and next year is the final chance in all eternity to change their state from being a decreasingly quantitative/qualitative one into a state that is becoming increasingly quantitative and qualitative

there are some who will not take the opportunity

they are to be considered insane


















17th december 2009

a devolved being degenerates into an inert virus or protein wherein the experience of being contains no self generated motion

in a devolved state although there is no movement there is still consciousness

the experience of reality that exists in a devolved spirit is devoid of pleasure

at one point of the annihilation of self senses are at a minimum

the last sense a devolved beings loses is the sense of taste

the taste of death is peculiarly unpleasant

not painful

a musky taste

an emptiness completely without hope

it will be of some comfort for devolving beings to know that the lover has to experience it too

( the writer has to experience, in extreme moderation, many undesirable states in order to understand, formulate and convey them )

the taste of death, in a certain quantity, will cause any person to change their lifestyle in an attempt to avoid it

however although the reaction to it does produce change the need to change fades as the memory of the experience fades

continually re-experiencing it would bring about permanent change but then the persons actions become stimulus response

the heavenly state is based on a naturally expansive outlook and the motions that flow from that disposition

this is being explained to give life oriented people an understanding of the mental constitution of death oriented beings and the futility of expecting them to change of their own free will

the lover's terrible love is allowing them the freedom to be themselves

it is believed that life oriented beings want, first and foremost, a life free of unnatural death































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