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 a thought that has become part of a persons genetic strcture




at the bottom of every murder there is a death outcome assertion or postulate

the postulate or assertion had to exist in the person before the outcome of murder could occur

no death outcome assertion, no act of murder 

all death outcome assertions have at least two aspects

1 strength

2 structure

e.g. " jump off cliff "

each aspect is a variable

" jump off cliff " " fall off cliff "

" jump from tree " " fall from tree "

the strongest death-outcome postulates/assertions will be able to accommodate all other lesser postulates and assertions

e.g. the postulate " drop dead " can encompass the assertion " jump from cliff " but not the other way around

jumping off the cliff will not necessarily result in death whereas dropping dead must

a weak assertion cannot encompass a stronger one

a man who killed in self defence does not want to share a cell with a child murderer

a child murderer does not want to share a cell with a cannibal

cannibals have to be isolated

there are at least two ways these abstract postulates/assertions become part of the person

1 inherited

2 self - instilled

all death outcome postulates eventually reduce to a simple structured thought/sentence

death-outcome postulates/assertions can form very early on in life

any time after the brain is capable of forming structured sentences

all postulates were originally in the form of a thought

e.g. " if i had as money as i wanted i could do whatever i wanted "

and becomes, across the undulations, a simple-sentenced genetic structure forming earlier on in the life of the person every new undulation and eventually turns into a simple sentence that becomes a fixed genetic structure

e.g. " starve 'til dead "

this is typical of degradaton-leading-to-death assertions

death-outcome assertions and postulates do not become part of a person unless people allow them to become part of themselves

see... repentance