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11th june 2009

you would be right to think that being in touch with the lover has endless advantages

the downside is he is a hard taskmaster and he expects

the writer was prompted a few days ago ( 2nd june) to start a dream diary but made the mistake of thinking he could do it at his own discretion

he won't let me think of anything else until this is underway

there's obviously something important to be conveyed, sooner or later,

( it would be foolish of the writer to try to fathom what )

from the start it should be known the writer usually has love/kissing/sex dreams

an analysis of details will be necessary for an interpretation and for this reason you may want to keep the dream diary away from minds that are too young

while your at it keep them away from those bloodbath and murder news stories that are shown regularly before the watershed hour of 9'o'clock

they're guaranteed to produce less than desirable dream content

further, screen children's programmes that have fireball-type explosions in them

they have a an unsettling affect on a calm mind and alter the theme and the overall quality of a dream

the affect on the mind of fireball-type explosions will be known to some, but not all, in the film and tv industry

they wouldn't be there if there wasn't one or more persons in the chain of the film or programmes production with a death outcome assertion

finally; start your own dream diary and in the not too distant future a blog site will be opened up and we will compare and dissect the meanings of what the content of our dreams means and make sure we are in agreement on important points

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