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precognitive dreams are the dreams that perplex everyone


there is no experience

there are no set of circumstances or events

there is nothing that can happen, either desirable or undesirable, that has not already happened throughout the duration of a love length, in previous undulations

all the variables that reality can contain had to be factored, through experience, into the evolutionary process so that evolution could be completed by the ethically oriented and the ethically orienting and also to predispose the conditions to enable the act of one times one to continue for eternity

everything you have experienced, are experiencing or will experience, has not only happened before but is destined to happen over and over again, throughout the duration of a love length, for all undulations to come

there is a variable but the worst of the extremes that are contained in the destructive outcomes that this variable can produce have already been nullified, again through the lover's terrible love

the variable is a person's response to the truth

an individual's response to the truth will either increase or decrease the qualitative and quantitative variable of more life outcome and more death outcome realities

although the qualitative aspect of life has been experienced before, throughout the duration of a love length, an increase in the quantitative variable is completely new to love/life, eternity and yourself

an individual who decides to do whatever it takes to attain heaven has brought into existence an increase of quantity of quality

the difference is that the worst thing that can happen from the more life perspective has already happened and the best thing that can happen may indeed never be fulfilled

( anything that can be achieved, given eternity, will be achieved and the last thing we want is something that comes to an end )

whereas from the death outcome perspective the best has already happened and the worst has yet to happen

a precognitive dream is the result of the experiences of previous undulations

experiences that are exactly the same from undulation to undulation, with the variable already mentioned, and are, in the writers experience, there to produce insights into events that happened in previous undulations that are less than desirable and are to be avoided

now that dream theory is subject to public scrutiny it should start a trend that makes taking dreams seriously an acceptable point of view

even if only one death is averted as a result it would be something but it will be much, much more than that



the writer's precognitive dreams began in his late teens

the first was a plane crash with a loss of many lives

the writer regarded it as a coincidence but couldn't forget it

the second, mid to late 1960's, was the images of oriental faces in great sorrow with rubble buildings in the background the night before a chinese earthquake

the third,1972, was while on the way to work one day when the writer suddenly realized that the surrounding buildings and the driver were part of the previous night's dream he turned to the driver and said " i dreamt that we were driving to work in my dream last night and i turned to you and said you've left the handbrake on `"

the driver looked down and i followed his gaze and we were both more than just a bit surprised to find that the handbrake was still on

the fourth was in 1974

it was of a helicopter crash with the loss of lives

a two week stint as a labourer on an oil rig had come to an end an the writer was due to be helicoptered to the mainland for 2 weeks off

the helicopter crash dream of the previous night didn't happen but the writer was curious about it

he bought a newspaper and scanned the headlines and sure enough a fatal helicopter crash had occurred

the fifth was in 2007

it was when the writer went into a shop to pick up an item that had been paid for and the shop assistant became flustered when he couldn't find an accompanying item that went with the main item

as the writer was watching the salesman becoming a bit irate it triggered the memory of the previous night's dream of the salesman behind a counter in an agitated state looking for something

the writer mentioned the dream aspect to the salesman

the writer isn't sure if it relaxed the salesman or not

the last time it happened was in 2008

it was while cooking a meal

as the writer was about to put a piece of food into a hot oily frying pan again it triggered the previous night's dream when, in the exact same surroundings, an item of food item was placed in a frying pan and the fat energetically boiled over

the writer initially thought not to take any notice of the dreams contents as he felt he would be taking things too far if he began acting on his dreams

then on a second consideration gave in to his caution knowing that if nothing did happen he would have crossed a line of reasonable behaviour

so reservedly and at arms length he placed the food in the frying pan

the amount of oil that jumped out of the frying pan wasn't as much that was in the dream but it was still enough to have made a visit to the hospital necessary

so that's 3 dreams that didn't involve the writer directly and 3 that did

the writer believes that the reason why these dreams happen is to give him credibility so that when he has a dream about something that has major ramifications that concerns everybody he will be taken seriously