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was baffled

couldn't figure out why the dreams over the last few weeks were less

enjoyable than usual

it wasn't until yesterday (310714) when the writer didn't watch any

news and had a typically pleasant dream that it got the writer thinking

then the penny dropped... the news over the last few weeks was

mainly about gaza with the accompanying explosions

it was recognised and mentioned in the dreams diary entry of 110609

that fireball-type explosions unsettled the mind and affected the

quality of dreams (one detail amongst thousands that

had been forgotten)

even without the visuals of explosions, the non stop barrage of murder

and unnatural death presented to us every day by the

oligarch-controlled mainstream media, the sight of dead bodies and

people suffering will cause a mild depression in life-oriented

people (this is well known to the oligarch's)

the news format of the mainstream media is mixture of death and sport

it's the outlook on life that was held by the ancient roman empire

(a devolving beings future)

to those heading that way... love/life does not salute you

you're love/lifes tragedy

a semi-permanent poignancy in an otherwise joyous

transition into the future

orinary people, do yourself a favour and give the news a miss

this web site will keep you appraised of what's happening through

the ukraine entry


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