dreams and dream theory          

                                                          pre-cognitive determinism

2404214th april


this person is only now starting to take

dreams seriously enough to get "with it"

and let dreams influence his waking

state in a way that dictates

his motivations (ee pecognitive dreams)

people who don't regard dreams as

anything special may find this alarming

it can be pointed out that the average

person probably didn't regard physics as

being particularly relevant to their lives


the knowledge that has come from

quantum theory in the last two decades

has opened up pathways in the neural

structure which has changed our way of

thinking so radically that the views that

were expressed before its implications

were realized has made our previous ideas

about the real world as outdated as a flat


it is believed that deam theory is going to

reveal more about what is important in

our lives than quantum theory ever will

this is the most intellectually and

rewarding situation imaginable

a mechanism whereby events of previous

undulations present themselves before

doing the same or similar things

pre-cognitive determinism !

the writer has acted on the content of

dreams before

this dream though is the first that is

recognizable as being from self that is of


the applications are immense...

pre-dream-pooling of the previous nights

dreams before taking decisions of profound

importance (the issue will be presented

the day before)

it is mentioned elsewhere that frustrations

exist about there not being memories of

past experiences

what's emerging far-surpasses that


memories from previous undulations that

can guide us on our way now!


things are taking-off like a rocket

let's hear for the lover

it is believed that what's happening is in

the vein of the roney analysis and the

more we act on our dreams the greater

the benefits will be