dreams andream theor   

                                                d r e a m s   d i a r y      

22092014                                                                        pain-dream  

first scene

went into a hi-fi shop in town to ask advice about an


the technician who could answer the question asked me to

wait while he done something

second scene

there were two of us in the shop now and the owner of the

shop came in wearing a suit and started talking to the other


third scene

had another call to make while in town and decided i could

do it before the technician got back

it was a blistering hot day

took off my shirt and wedged it in an out-of-the-way space on

a shelf

fourth scene

i was wearing a vest under the shirt

i opened the door of the shop and intended to let it close

behind me

i launched myself off my right leg to start sprinting and the

moment i done that a sharp pain started in the area below the


the momentum of the launch of the start of the sprint was

great enough to make me continue taking steps

fifth scene

every step produced a seemingly greater discomfort than the

one before

it was 12 to 15 steps before i came to a stop and with every

step i heard myself making a whoo, whoo, whoo sound (keep

on meaning to set up a microphone over the bed to find out

what sounds in dreams are externalised)

sixth scene

was propping myself against a building when a girl/woman

appeared and said "i know your father. what's wrong"

i said "i don't know"

seventh scene

pulled up the trouser leg to have a look and there was was a

small bloody gash with a yellow colour just below it in the

area of the funny-bone

was about to pull the trouser leg further up to look at the

knee because that was the pain was worst when the dream




pain in a dream is new to me

it was real enough for me to look at my knee when i woke up

to see if i had done something to it when i was sleeping


on the 16th went shopping with marlene

she liked ham and so we bought two of those wafer-thin packs

of ham that people put in sandwiches and a pack of mini-sized

gammon steaks

when marlene was taken from me put the food in the fridge

thought i may as well use them up

today and the over the next couple of days i pigged-out on


this, i am now sure, is the reason for this dream and the

dream on the 25092014


this analysis/interpretation, was the original entry used to

explain the cause of why there was pain in this dream

the only way to explain this is to associate it with

the thoughts and feelings that have been swirling around in

my head because of what happened with marlene    )

if this is the case then as evolving beings we're not even

allowed to have recriminatory thoughts or feelings

it's the nature of reality

reality can only accommodate things that have endlessness

wishing or wanting something not to exist that can exist is an


1 ^100 years is the most time-reality that love/life can


every conscious entity can endure for that length of time if she

or he wants to

devolving beings are to be identified and observed

we should no more bare ill thoughts or feelings towards them

than we do with a dog with rabies, or an insect or a virus

they are to be identified and grouped together and

quarantined or at least separated from evolving beings in a

way that doesn't allow any form of contact

in short, a thought that breeches reality by wishing to reduce

it's length or time (the endless straight line or universal time)

is going against reality which in turn produces consequences

hence this dream

shop in town


other customer

shop owner

hot day

taking shirt off

attempting to run

sounds in dream


coloured wound

60 minutes


types of brain waves