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                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      

28092014                                  delayed-theme / consecutive-feel-good / informative dream           


a truly delightful dream (with a dash of poignancy) that makes

the dream state what it is... a place where there are

experiences better than the best things we can experience

in our conscious state

first scene

reading an article in a paper or magazine about a teenager

who had come up with a way of measuring the polarization of

light (see delayed theme further on down the page)

the lad was the son of a farming-family

they lived in a rural area and lived a more or less isolated life

the young man dreamed of being someone else somewhere


he had heard or read about the difficulty science was having

in establishing how to measure the polarization of light and

the wavelength of light at the same time

second scene

he devised an apparatus that consisted of a photon-emitter

and a photon collector-plate

the collector-plate was transparent and it enabled an observer

to clearly see both the position and the shape of the


third scene

he was overcome with joy

a young man with no distinguishable achievements had

answered a question that had baffled the best brains in


it was the happiest moment of his life

he now knew that even though he lived what he thought was a

drab life he could quite easily realize any and all of his dreams

if he wanted to

fourth scene

he was filled with an unbounded happiness

the first thing he decided to do was to fly the crop-sprayer


he knew he wasn't supposed to fly it until he was a year or

two older but that didn't dissuade him

up in the air in the plane his thoughts were soaring way above

the height the plane could fly

he could do anything

his thoughts were sweeping and soaring but the plane couldn't

do what he could do so when he put the plane into an

impossible manoeuvre it crashed


delayed theme...

took a book to read (quantum reality) on the train to exeter on

the 24th

read and re-read the couple of chapters that explained what

polarization is in an attempt to come up with an easy-to-

understand graphic definition that could be used in the

entry-to-be on polarization

informative dream...

the contrast in the types of dreams between the violent dream

period between 21092014 and 25092014 and yesterday's

dream had caused me to re-think what it could be that had


it was the ham and, i now believe, that it was, specifically, the

blood in the ham that was responsible for the violent dream

period !

it had occured to me, because of another violent dream

(21042014) that the thoughts and feelings associated with

marlene     weren't the cause of the bad dreams and

had been considering eating a large amount of pork to test the


this dream has convinced me (although may still try the pork


there hasn't been any other significant changes in my life that

would cause such a big difference to the content of the dreams

feel-good theme...

s0x dreams are all well and good but this is the type of dream

that lifts us above and beyond the mundane

the very stuff of the spice of love/life

never knowing what new angles or directions our thoughts

and experiences will take us

always and forever surprising us

always something new and exciting and inspiring and

rewarding and uplifting and...

the spur that drives us on with an ever-increasing momentum

the heavenly state is, beckoning, beckoning, beckoning

the poignant bit...

the writer was reminded of the time he read a one-paragraph

item in readers digest about a man in spain

his wife had just delivered their first baby into the world

he was so happy about the mixture of a first child and it being

a boy his heart exploded and he died

the sheer poignancy of it

the poignancy in this dream didn't tarnish the overall quality

of the dream

not even sure the boy/pilot was killed

there doesn't seem to be any other reason why the story

would mention the crash though

perhaps it was a local rag 

it also brought to the fore the magnificence of his

sacrificially-creative love

120+ minutes


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