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dreams diary 2012


12th january 2012

listened to the news earlier in the day in which iran called israel liars and israel called iran liars

for some minutes after, the currently held view of evolution and devolution was overidden by a whole gamut of possibilities of other ways it might be happening

the dream that night was set in the deepest, densest jungle scene that the writer had ever seen, dreamt or visualised

all manner of deadly creepy-crawlies were out for a kill

the emotion in the dream, which was initially a mild form of panic, was quickly replaced by a determination not to allow killer instincts to gain sway

when the determination to best the killer instincts had established itself the threat of danger, and the creepy-crawlies, faded and the dream ended

this dream highlights the delicate and subtle nature of love/life

how a calm mind that lets its imagination run amok will pay for it

the lesson learnt from this dream is... keep thoughts and feelings towards all man shaped devolving beings as generous as possible

the lover is giving such beings as gentle and as gradual an exit from existence as circumstances and reality allows