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10th march 2010


the act of going from either a single cell or from a multi cellular organism to geometric shape

not sooner than 5 ^ 9 years from now and not later than 1^100years from now



a single cell entity                   a multi cell organism




a man shaped being



and then to aeuclidean shaped being capable of endless evolutionary form in infinite, flat space








somehow picture page " heavenly bodies " has got to convey the sense of helpless wonder, which these pictures don't, of the mental state of a being entering heaven

again, it is the way a person feels that determines whether a state, any state, is desirable or not

take the witers word for it... if the reader prefers feeling happy and not being sad or indifferent you want this

the eternal evolutionary stage has been set

the man shaped being is a transitory phase

the choice is either endless continuing evolutionary form as a mathematical entity or quadruped, insect, virus...



16th october 2011

although dinosaur mancompleted earthly evolution ahead of ourselves we could have done it quicker

(about 80 million years quicker)

the reason it took dinosaur man longer is going to be allowed to be speculated about




3rd october 2009

for everyone evolution takes 5 ^ 9 years at the earliest and not longer than 1^100 years from now

it is becoming clearer...

the defining period of time ( fulfilment ) that secures an ethically orienting beings status as an immortal happens way off into the future

please absorb this point...

any being can fail before then

it is keeping on the ethical straight and narrow that places a person in the position to gain access to heaven

other considerations...

today's ethically orienting are part of a procession that is to all intents and purposes endless

establishing if it can be endless depends on clarifying two factors but at this moment there isn't a resolution one way or the other to either factor

it is looking as though 2nd generation beings pass through into heaven in pairs

( this fits in with the one and only picture the writer has of heavenly existence )

which means that there are at least six beings, a female and a male from each of the ethnicities, who have already accomplished evolutionary fulfilment and are being joined by other couples either of the same or of mixed ethnicities at a rate not yet understood

(it's completely feasible that the person you're in love with now is the person you pass through into heaven with)

yes it does seem too long a time and the time scales involved will cause some to falter at this point of evolution, but it will come to be for those who want it more than anything else

it has got to be the case that those who want heaven and decide to keep abreast of the writer ethically will get there in time

it would be contrary to everything the writer knows to think anything else....





27tyhjune 2009

there are at least five ways of interpreting evolution...


apart from a select few it is a gloom and doom future


apart from a self-selected few it is a happiness/pleasure future


apart from the writer it is a no-hope gloom and doom ultimate/inevitable future for all of mankind


there's an incalculable number of beings who can evolve


it is actually easier to smile than it is to frown

the number of facial muscles needed to form a smile is less than the number of facial muscles needed to scowl

the same is true of evolution

it's easier, a lot easier, to evolve than it is to devolve

rule of life no.3: take it easy

and remember, 1 second is all the time needed to throw it all away

evolution, in terms of eternity, can be divided into at least five different stages




the forming of the man shaped being


life attuning itself to the universe


mono celled being to man shaped being here on earth


man shaped being to euclideanmathematically shaped being over the next 1^100 years

that might be the end of it

but the writer suspects not...