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 that period of time after all stars everywhere are no longer shining

 about 1 ^ 1 000 000 000 000 000 years



 we know from picture page " heavenly bodies " that oriented beings emanate a clearly visible, multi-hued, light and some will have attained immortality while stars are still running their cycle

 one thing to think about is, does the transition to from man shaped being to euclidean form happen throughout the entire period of a love length and will we be able to see that wonder of life ?

 the writer thinks yes

 it makes most sense to think that in the same way we can attain man shaped status and complete earthly evolution 5 000 000 000 years ahead of the lover so too can ethically oriented beings beings begin enacting straight line action 1 ^100 years ahead of him

 things are so arranged that the lover, the writer and a handful of others remain man shaped for the entire period of a love length 

 ( what's 1 ^100 years out of 1 ^ 83 000 between friends )

10 000




 from this point on it may be that the only energy being generated is coming from living things, quite possibly the only living thing will be the man shaped being ( ourselves )

 the only natural objects emitting energy will be black balls ( black holes )


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