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that love which began sometime between picture 3 and picture 4 of picture pages 3000 and continues for the rest of eternity




it is understood that with a three score and ten life span the concept of eternity has little or no meaning for the average person

for those who are awakening to the knowledge herein, the realization that there is a future beyond your lifetimes is opening up pathways in the brain that have never been used before

(the writer went through it his self twenty five years ago)

the process of those pathways connecting with the other neurons that make such thinking possible will go on for the rest of your lifetimes

the development of the clarity of thinking that allows a greater grasp of the concept of eternity will be passed on to your children who, in turn, will develop it even further

this expanding awareness of what is will continue through to fulfilment when another set of considerations are waiting to be incorporated into our beings















to that end an exercise in thinking is offered

there is a limit to the amount of time that can be spent traversing the straight line

the limit is one second raised to infinity minus one raised to the minus infinity of one second

1 second ^   - 1 ^  of one second











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