ethical parameters

                       living without killing

the group/cult/clique mentality:

christian, muslim, jew, oligarch, mason, hindu, sikh,

nationalist, banker, royalist etc.

when a person becomes part of a group, cult or

clique it becomes an inevitability that they will put

themselves before others (the opposite of love)

this eventually culminates in


you don't need a history lesson to inform you of the

murders committed in the furtherance of the various

groups, cults and cliques over the last 6000 years

and that continues today

although overspending is the biggest child-killer even

more insidious is the group, cult, clique mentality

this was the only one of the ethical parameters the

writer didn't have to adjust to and suggests those

furthest away from being able to repent belong to

one or more of the above groups, or others not cited

points to consider      


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