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this is the place to tell the organizer of mass murder that if you repent there is a minimum of 1000 years and anywhere up to a love length of quality life

( dependant then, as now, on your determination to practise ethics )

in future undulations every undulation

if not then you already know your future... it's in history books and wildlife programmes

it's a continuing source of disbelief to the writer to see people out of ethical parameters who can see where their lifestyle is taking them but just can't bring themselves to do anything about it (change)

don't you dare look to blame the lover when, at this point in time in future undulations, you realize you are past the point of no return in regard to getting to heaven


13th january 2009

it is the nature of things that everything a person brings into reality has to be experienced by themselves sooner or later

further even if a person didn't bring into existence that which caused the unnatural death or deaths of someone or some people but who supported the reasons knowing that it would result in an unnatural death or deaths will have to experience the affects that they helped bring into existence themselves sooner or later...

a person didn't give the order for an army to go to war but sees the need for the other persons resources

or sees another persons justification for the assassination of a person

or didn't want a car to kill someone but needs a car to live properly

or doesn't want children to die from starvation or from lack of medicine but needs more than their fair share of money to live in a way that suits them...

the point, and this is directed chiefly at sanhedrin and the oligarchs, that has to be pondered is...

do i repent and experience those unnatural deaths

(which will be finite )

that were a consequence of events i caused or because of my participation and retain my man shaped status

or do i say f*** i* and experience unnatural death endlessly as a man shaped being and in non man shaped forms as a devolving being


a being who has a death outcome assertion wthin them chooses to repent knowing they cannot gain access to heaven but are satisfied with being able to avoid devolution



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