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forget it

the closest the writer came to being admonished was when he asked the question " is forgiveness possible ?"

it was known beforehand that there were physical mechanical considerations, but when asked to ask

an excited exasperation accompanied the finality of the " NO "

that a person can commit mass murder

( all mass murderers began their finite existence with a single murder )

and consequently change the course of events into infinity for this and future undulations for and then have someone say three words and expect that three words can change the course of infinite events for as many undulations into the future as you care to think about must be the definition of a simpleton

the reason we don't forgive a snake after it has bitten and killed someone is because we understand that it killed because it is nature

the same principle applies to dogs killing children

so too it is with the unrepentant

devolution begins when a person recognizes what the consequences of murder are and chooses to continue to do things that make it happen

an unrepentant person has set in motion or reinforced the decision to separate from reality and is destined to repeat and compound the same decisions and actions every undulation unto eternity


the only person who can forgive you is you

the way to avoid devolution and regain a foothold in the future is...