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that moment of that undulation when all beings witness and experience again the most significant event of eternity... a woman and a man entering heaven







28th june 2009

you applied yourself to the task for what seemed like eternity

you and your soul partner have ingrained into your being the trait of being able to love each other for a love-length

 the ability to love for a love-length has produced the basic shape that can last forever

you knew it was coming but nothing prepared you, nothing could prepare you, for the actual reality of being part of the infinite and you are beginning to realize you will never be able to fully adjust to it 

you have just crossed the threshold between mortality and immortality and there is no turning back, ever

you have begun to experience the stupefying wonder that is...

qualitatively felt, reciprocating motions in flat, pan dimensional, infinite space

28th june 2009

the final period of space dream evolution

two beings who have made the transition from ethically orienting to ethically oriented

i.e. their ability to love is capable of enduring for 1 ^100 x 2 years