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people who are in ethical parameters for love's sake


the writer is the conjugate average of love/life

his transition from a lifestyle that contained death to a lifestyle that reality can contain forever was...

violence... 6 months

the car... 18-24 months (the writer could say immediately for this one but for one instance)

money... 2-4 years

(see world wage )

the group/cult/clique association... this was the only parameter the writer wasn't living outside of and suggests that those belonging to groups, cults and cliques are people furthest away from being able to adjust to an ethical lifestyle


the reason you have chosen to join with the writer and have begun to practice love is because you now know that the endless endeavour of trying to out-love the lover

( which is of course impossible )

has spin off's that contemporary language is unable to express

set your sights, for the time being, of spending your life with at least one person of the opposite gender you want to love

( necessary love ) until you die

while in the act of loving that person or those people talk and think about how to keep that love alive for as long as you can imagine

first at the gathering place

then for a life length

then through stars end

then through...

the more you think, talk, act and believe it the more real the dream becomes


14th june 2009

people who are practising living within the realm of reality

this and every other society in the world is urging its population to live a lifestyle, mainly through the car and money, that contains unreality


now the truth is becoming known and the errors of everybody's ways are being highlighted the truth has become the enemy or at best an embarrassment

those of you who only have recently come across this knowledge need to understand that the characteristic that defines a devolving being is the inability to change to meet realities condition

the writer was out of ethical parameters in 3 of the 4 ways it is possible to be out of touch with reality and it was only the lover's terrible love that kept him from doing the ultimate wrong

( taking a child's life )

if the child didn't have the presence of mind to let go of the bicycle she would have been under the wheels of the car along with the bike

this too-close-for-comfort near fatality didn't deter the writer from using a car

along with the rest of society the writer thought such incidents were part and parcel of everyday life

you know the sentiments that come to the surface when deaths of that type occur... it was an "accident"... it wasn't your fault... don't blame yourself... shit happens

the writer is here to tell you that... "accidents" don't happen unless a person creates the circumstances in which "accidents" can happen

it is the lover's terrible love that is now allowing the writer to impart the truth to you through words and by example

the quandary is the unbelievable and desirable reality love/life has produced and the terrible consequences of failing to meet realities conditions and the time scales involved in both cases

1 ^100 years and 1 second

it is as resoundingly profound as anything can be and it is also as simple and straightforward as something can be

you will either recognise that your future is in the balance, have to change and will, or you won't

if it means changing your friends... then change your friends

if it means changing your job... then change your job

if it means having to move... then move

if it means getting divorced... then get divorced

if it means breaking away from children or parents... then break away from them

you're wanted in heaven and who's going to think more of you as a four legged animal than as a human being