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because there is a finite number of genetic combinations that can exist providing that any persons genetic line continues indefinitely eventually every persons unique genetic combination must recur sooner or later



this theme is the idea that it is a numerical consideration that gives a person access to the future

the basic idea of genetic theory is that all a person has to do to keep on recurring in the future, whether undulationary or inter-undulationary, is to maintain the continuity of their genetic line and eventually their unique genetic combination not only can, not just might but must reoccur

it would be criminally misleading of the writer if he let the reader believe that all that she or he had to do was procreate prolifically to attain heaven

the very thought of becoming a parent with the sole intention of securing a future for oneself will have the reverse effect of what can and should be the natural progression of evolution

the fact is a person who cannot find a partner with whom she or he cannot live a healthy and happy lifestyle while living within ethical parameters will be better off spending the next few dozen or hundred or thousand lifetimes instilling within themselves the ethical traits that will stand them in good stead for all time and letting the love in heaven and love on earth mechanism bring them and their soul partner together

every theme of genetic theory has to be given the added dimension of an ethical facet

ethical in the sense that there is an absolute in terms of right and wrong

acknowledging that this is the case and acting accordingly ( ethical parameters ) will undoubtedly lead a person into the futuristic scenarios being described at this web site

just as surely as choosing not to do the right things will lead a person away from the future


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