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the pictures explain the mechanism and each picture has a new aspect to consider

the more it is thought about the more the reasons against using geothermal energy need to be brought to the fore as the first obstacle to implementing it

points to weigh

the water system is for temperature control and hot water

in the new unnatural-death-designed-out habitation where there are no cars or planes or trains, electric generators are only needed for applications where there is no substitue for electricity

indeed if there is a problem with the free electrons more innovative thinking may be called for to replace electricity's role

absolutely no waste or pollution

not only is geothermal energy environmentally friendly but also geothermal energy will, if we are on the right track, be environmentally enhancing which puts us in the intellectually pleasing position of being able to dwell on the though that we will be able to leave the planet in a better state than it was in when we inherited it

there wont of course be unsightly pylons or power stations or those big propeller things to mar our view

as currently envisaged the water and steam will be carried in pipes within each individual habitation