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a country that uses force, trickery, bribes... to secure the wealth of another country, be it through the labour of the people or the resources of the land

it isn’t purely coincidence that the last of the worlds two remaining imperial countries ( france and britain ) are among the most threatened by the flood

the past and current wealth of those countries comes from africas resources

the africans are basically a happy go lucky people

( perhaps that comes from being man shaped for one million years )

their happy disposition is being whittled away because of the european money oriented and their own loveless

( like the other two ethnicities they have a proportion of death oriented beings )

the whole thing isnt helped by anti african sentiments which are easily inflamed because the average persons feel for life doesn’t go farther than their family

expecting it to extend to other ethnicities is cloud cuckoo land thinking

an attitude that will have to change or the holders will find themselves taking a back seat within evolution

taking into account the number of people who wouldn’t die if imperialism didn’t exist the the flood is a blessing in disguise for africa