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25th june 2009

dear oligarch, the writer has had to spend two hundred pounds to replace computer equipment because the british chapter of your organization saw fit to make the two computers that were in use until 2 days ago inoperable

(for the uninitiated... in britain each house has its own wire that carries the current, the red wire, from the local step down transformer into the home

the black wire, the neutral wire, is shared by a group of houses, usually six

if you're within that loop of half a dozen houses and you know what you're doing it's possible to send a current through the neutral wire and receive information back and see what's on people's computers, what tv programmes are being watched, listen to conversations through tv, radio and stereo speakers etc.

it's not so easy to affect non digital items but any device that uses digital technology is perfect for a lightweight current

taking into account insurance costs, replacing items, running around costs and not to mention the bad will it generates, the bill for all digital equipment made useless over the last 12 years is more than 3000

(the writer may well seek to be compensated for that amount)

the point is the money being spent on replacing goods is "russia money"

if you want the writer to come to russia and do his thing in the spring it is suggested you take british affiliates to one side and give them a bit of an ear ache

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