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the anthropic principle


the universe is finite and so it has a definite mass or weight

it follows that a definite mass/weight, when subject to a given set of circumstances, will give rise to specific events

in particular the specific events that followed the big bang determined the electric charge of the electron

they also determined the strength of the nuclear force of atoms

the electric charge of an electron and the strength of the nuclear force of atoms are but two of the things known as the constants of nature

they are called constants of nature because wherever we go in the universe they will be the same

and they are that way because of the amount of mass/weight to begin with


fairly recently it was realized that if the constants of nature were to have been different by only the tiniest amount then carbon would not have been produced

if carbon hadn't occurred in the universe then we wouldn't be here either

because of the unnaturally high number of coincidences that has to exist amongst the constants of nature in order for carbon, and consequently ourselves, to exist we can no longer think of ourselves as being a thing of chance

this new way of thinking about ourselves in relation to the universe is called the anthropic principle

unfortunately it leaves us with a sequence of events that doesn't make sense

for now we are thinking about the notion of a designer-principle universe that begins the life processes on a planet that formed out of carbon and other elements at the earliest possible moment a planet could have occurred after the universe began and maintains those processes for 3000 000 000 years so as to predispose conditions so that bipeds can evolve and then fails utterly at the first attempt

(the dinosaurs)

if it failed with the dinosaurs it could fail with us


and consequently with any other class of being that might evolve

how on earth can you have a designer principle universe, with all the fabulous powers that such a concept implies, that then becomes bungling and inept when it matters most

it just doesn't make sense

however; if we introduce the novel idea that from amongst the dinosaurs one species, man shaped, succeeded in attaining a level of sophistication that enabled it to achieve perpetuation independent of earth and then after 65 000 000 years of mammal dominated evolution, which is roughly half as long as dinosaurs ruled for, another, man shaped species


achieve a level of sophistication which enables us to perpetuate independent of earth

it not only makes sense a pattern is emerging and we can further speculate that...

in 30 000 000 years, which will be roughly half as long as mammals ruled for, another class of being will evolve from which one species, man shaped, will attain a level of sophistication that will enable it to perpetuate independent of earth

which in turn allows this speculation...

the universe/earth/life evolutionary processes allows for the continuation of different classes of man shaped beings to evolve until the sun becomes too unstable in about 5000 000 000 years

allowing for another 1000 classes of man shaped beings to evolve, each one as different to the next as dinosaurs are to mammals, and then permutating just 30 of a possible 1000 we achieve a figure of  250 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000

the idea of a man shaped dinosaur isn't new

that they might be alive and well is

such speculation appears to have no real contact with what we are doing here and now but is it not the very nature of our being to wonder what the future holds for our children

so cherish and nurture our existence, co-lovers, for the anthropic principle is spelling it out


we are it



further reading...

brendan carter

breuer rienhardt





genetic theory



genetic theory presents us with the possibility, and itís beginning to look as though life is specifically structured to facilitate it, that our descendents will, as a matter of course, generate from their genes all those previous combinations, i.e. you and i, that will be the constituent parts of theirs

those of us whose genes do not survive until then will have become actual people who exist in theory only

it may be that genetic theory is nothing other than a desperate attempt to introduce a theory, any theory is better than no theory, that will give us cause to raise our regard for one another

if it's not there are at least four ways love/life can employ its own genetic system

each will be explored in subsequent sheets




planck's postulate


" that energy ( motion times time ) does not occur in a continuous stream , on the contrary , it can only occur in fixed , discreet amounts" , that he called quanta , "and that quanta grow larger as the wavelength get smaller"


approximately doubling and halving


for 100 metre wavelengths 100 quanta

for 50 metre wavelengths 200 quanta

for 25 metre wavelengths 400 quanta






axiom 1






that of all things that exist there also exists a size to numerical ratio


in that for any given thing there will always be more of the smaller and less of the larger



visible... people , clouds , trees , fish , planets, suns...

invisible... galaxies , micro organisms, most wavelengths...

mathematics... pi


                                                                                           derived from planck 's postulate





quantum theory



there is a mathematical theory, its origins in quantum theory., that indicates the universe is

"flashing on and off-coming into and going out of existence-times every second "

while the universe is off there is a real value of zero and because zero needs no prior cause we have overcome the oldest of all philosophical questions

how did things get here?


verification of this  theory can be found through bell's theorem of interconnectedness

which demonstrates that the underlying character of reality must have faster than light connections

this means it is only reality , not events that have superluminal connections

time-travel machines and quantum leaps remain science fiction




quantum theory is not just a breakthrough in physics

rather it should be regarded as an evolutionary step in the development of the brain

this is because its implications and applications permeates all things that the mind dwells upon

this conclusion is strengthened through the sheer embracive capacity of planck's postulate and that it manifests its full power of delineation to all things following a shock of cognition





classical mechanics/quantum mechanics


classical mechanics (analogue)

that all things can vary in a continuous manner


so that by throwing a marble at the moon a tiny but calculable shift occurs in the moons motion

and that every successive marble thrown will cause a similar shift until a trillion marbles later an observable shift is noticed


quantum mechanics (digital)


there is a minimum exchange of energy that can occur in nature ( plancks constant ) so that no shift can occur until the trillionth marble has been thrown at which time sufficient energy has accumulated to cause a shift


this means if the earth were to undergo a change of orbit we wouldn't know about it until it happened



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