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there is a mathematical theory, its origins in quantum theory, that indicates the universe is

"flashing on and off"

millions of times every second


zero value when "off"

infinite values when "on"




planck's postulate


that energy is not given off in a continuous stream

on the contrary it can only be emitted in discreet packets or bundles, that he called quanta, and that quanta grow larger as the wavelength grow smaller




the structuring of all things comply with the postulate that the larger something is the fewer of them there will be or the smaller something is the more of them there are than of the bigger things

this can be seen with trees, fish, animals, planets, suns, galaxies, plants and people

further it seems to apply to things we can't see as with the numerical structure of pi and wavelengths




"if you haven't been shocked you have failed to understand quantum mechanics" neils bohr

this is the key to understanding quantum theory

discuss the three ideas here at the top of this page

for instance what came first zero or infinity and why

what is meant by continuous stream and discreet bundles etc.




in theory a straight line crosses infinity

in actuality a neutrino can pass through a chunk of rock that is going through a hydrogen cloud and they can all have the same axis and direction




the uncertainty principle

the uncertainty principle represents the maximum level of certainty available when we ask two questions that are incompatible with each other

it came to light in the 1920's when the co-ordination and momentum or the position and motion or, most simply, the when and the where of atomic phenomena was being investigated

an everyday example of this would be to ask a more lively than usual child to do what he/she wanted where you could keep an eye on them

also psychologists understand this problem

it stands out when a person is asked to be objective about something

when the statement "make an objective evaluation" is used the person is being asked to assess a situation and not let his own perspective influence any decisions he may arrive at

yet any conclusions he may come to are exactly that, his own judgement

it places a limit on the predictive accuracy of events to such an extent that a famous religious scientist called einstein was prompted to say "god does not throw dice"

this principle doesn't exclude the concept of a god having caused the universe to occur only that from then on god would not have been able to predict precisely  what the outcome would be

in fact this knowledge could well be incorporated into theology to explain suffering




babies are born, as conceived, in a state of love and that every act, every word, every gesture,

every laugh, every look, every expression, every emotion, every smile, every attitude, every sound and every touch that is not possessed of love that the baby is aware of cause the baby to modify and thereby detract from his/her own state of love to accommodate the surrounding state of affairs




                                                           inanimacy                                                                   love/life

                                            that which acts in accordance                                    we; by combining the mechanism

                                          accordance with the mechanism                                    of reality with our own ideas of

                                           of reality and in so doing gets                                       reality and in so doing become

                                                  larger and lighter or                                                      larger and heavier or

                                                  smaller and  heavier                                                       smaller and lighter

                                                            or both                                                                         or both

                                                     e.g. supernovae                                                                  e.g. birth

it should be possible to evaluate pain and pleasure against these axioms




the universe is somewhere between seven and a half and fifteen thousand million years old

when we take into account the fact that the substances iron, carbon etc. that make up the earth are themselves the products of other suns, of different sizes, that came to the end of their cycles before our sun came into being and when we add up the number of years of our suns existence to those of the suns that had to exist in order to create the above mentioned substances we are forced to contemplate the notion that life occurred at the earliest possible moment after the creation of the universe

this is the anthropic principle




that life is a mathematical entity which has, as a part of its constituency, a numerical facet and that the multiplicative aspect of its function is guided numerically once a certain level of sophistication has been achieved by any class of animal and or individual species of that class

so that mankind is currently in the process of equalling in individuals the number of cells in the brain (squaring the essence)

when attained it is easy to imagine the population keeping pace with the brains natural growth

dolphins are twice as numerous as man with a brain roughly two thirds the size




classical mechanics

that by throwing a marble at the moon a tiny but calculable shift occurs and that every successive marble thrown will produce a similar shift until a trillion marbles later an observable shift is noticed


quantum mechanics

that no shift occurs until the trillionth marble has been thrown at which time enough energy has built up to cause a shift




 natural                   simple                         motion


                                                6 . 6200000000000                             planck's constant

                                                        0000000000000000                  the least thing that can happen


                                              3000000000000000                          einstein's constant

                                                       0000                                              the fastest it can happen at


                                             m 1 + m 2 / r 2                                           newton's gravity

                                                                                                          the slowest it can happen at





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