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classical mechanics (analogue)

that as the suns mass dissipates

(four million tons every second)

its gravitational pull on the earth decreases accordingly

so that a gradual increase of the distance between the earth and the sun occurs micro second by micro second


quantum mechanics (digital)

that no change in position can occur until a minimum energy exchange

(planck's constant or a multiple of it)

has taken place


because of the uncertainty principle (page 3) it is impossible to determine exactly when an orbit change will happen

the inherent momentum and the 1000 miles per hour rotational spin of the earth itself contains more energy than the moons gravitational pull on the oceans

so even if the tidal movements were, on balance, pulling thee oceans in the opposite direction to the earth's spin the main factor in assessing the seas movements due to the jolt will be the distance of the orbit change

the drawing depicts those areas that will be most affected

(the darkened areas of the map)

since the original realization of what quantum mechanics theory's are, when applied to heavenly bodies (1992), many different factors have presented themselves and an accurate and complete formulae is not yet ready

of all the disaster scenarios looming before mankind this is the only one we can't do anything to stop

failure to take the necessary steps will result in more people dying in one day than have been lost in all the wars throughout our entire history

page 35 was handed out in exeter high street in september 2002

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