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"a substance without limit or boundary...

surrounds everything boundlessly...

and from which heaven and earth are somehow generated"

anaximander 610-545 bc


as for the universe apeiron is considered to have an emission and absorption mechanism

its characteristic is that of a plus one to infinitely fast emission and absorption rate before circular and curved motions come into play




the universe


that portion of infinity the motions of which are governed by the four forces...

the strong nuclear force, electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force and gravity


composed of stars , galaxies, quasars, planets, hydrogen clouds etc.

expanding at a rate of 5-10% every 1000 000 000 years


no straight line motions or straight edged objects


diameter somewhere between 16-32 000 000 000 light years across




in theory a straight line crosses infinity




 the anthropic principle presents us with the point of view, arrived at from the assessment of many mathematical factors, which forces us to acknowledge the inescapable notion that if the universe was arranged in any other way we would not be here


as wild as it seems it now must be contemplated that "critical" mass is critical because that is the only amount that gives rise to those circumstances which allow optimum conditions to develop from which arises from a million million galaxies one certain type which in turn will be most likely to have, in its outer regions, combinations of those elements necessary for planets to form around a sun of a particular size and mass which is just right for the stable orbits of those planets, which has amongst them, one whose distance is such that its root mean temperature will not vary significantly over a ten thousand million year period which in turn will permit the evolution of one shape of animal which prevails regardless of those other shapes that evolution initiates


the anthropic principle can also be stated as...

this is it


we are it


p.s. are the dinosaurs really extinct?

are mammals the last class of animal to evolve?




genetic theory offers the possibility that our descendants will be able to reproduce from their genes all those previous combinations, that is you and i, that will constitute theirs

those of us whose genes do not survive until then will have become actually people who exist in theory only


genetic theory presented itself while searching for a principle that complimented the belief that love between men is a natural condition and that any principle that did exist would strengthenthe weak link in the love chain, again, mans love for other men


as a result of genetic theory's implications the taking of life (murder) where that person has not had chance to procreate has much more serious ramifications that has previously been considered

indeed we are now in fact dealing with possibly eternal consequences

whether the act of murder or the contemplation of the act or the failure to act to prevent such acts or predisposing the conditions whereby murder can occur is coded genetically is not yet known


genetic theory represents an idealization of what love/life's abilities are or can be

when we bring into play such concepts as multiplication and infinity who would limit life to a human perception of what may come to be?


in this new era of new world order we can begin to embrace this new idea


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