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 a type of motion that love/life employs to sustain action once a minumum momentum, possibly the big bang, has built up

it appears not to have occured to anyone that the concept of love as a physical mechanism did and does indeed give rise to the much sought after perpetual motion

that science looked to the inanimate for the source of perpetual motion gives an insight as to where we were heading

the reducing half life of a quons becomes a purely arithmetic/mathematical/theoretical as we come to understand what quons actually are


science knows the energy contained in those decaying quons becomes an immeasurably small amount well within a life-length

it has been the source of many a school boy's dreams and many a grown man has had the feeling that there might be something in perpetual motion

but no reference to love or life

lately science has demonstrated that the universe is expanding into infinity and the idea of perpetual motion became something real again

but still no reference to love or life

possibly the strangest idea to get used to is becoming a geometric shape

a small price to pay for an endless and increasingly desirable state of being

now instead of random arrangements of inanimate quons we can start thinkng in terms of love/life as being the prime mover of original motion and have thoughts like...

the lover started the mechanism of reciprocal motion, now all we gotta' do is learn how to do it as well and expand an already increasing quantative and qualitative value of 1 x 1 further into infinity

and remember there will always be more time ahead of us than there is behind us, infinitely more