9th january 2009

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9th january 2009

3.14159263589793... ad infinitum

the value for changing a circle to a square

an unending numerical structure


9th january 2009

it has been moved to the 1 ^ 500 000 000 000 decimal point

it will have to be endless to be of reality

10th october 2010

the reason that pi has been discovered by the mind of man is because the brain contains the structure necessary to comprehend it

those structures are themselves experiences that have been packaged as cells

and it is the case that any and every cell represents a different experience insofar as one cell is different to another

this is being pointed out to allow a deepening appreciation of the sheer magnificence of what life has accomplished

that life can attain an infinite desirable state and that it can be expressed through pi, which was one of the experiences that caused compelling love, and that this is possible because of little bits of messy tissue should stir your soul

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